Inviting nature into an intimate space of the home by blending natural and recycled materials is challenging, especially while maintaining functionality and style.

But design partners Nikki Blustin and Oliver Heath of Blustin Heath Design may have solved the problem in their Woodland Sanctuary bathroom.

“Out of genuine respect for one’s self and nature, this room was created as a serene sanctuary,” says Blustin. “We were very conscious of highlighting the process of moving from one’s busy daily life into a personal tranquil space. Each space can be opened up or closed off by sliding screens that allow the individual to control the intimacy and configuration of the room.”

For healthy living, Blustin Heath carefully selected products with materials from sustainable sources to create the environmentally-conscious bath. “The timber is from renewable sources, the towels are made from bamboo fibers, the stool is cork, and the cushions and seating cube are made from factory waste seatbelts, which would otherwise be thrown away,” says Heath. “The bathroom products are all made from natural organic materials; the glass vases were originally wine bottles which have been beautifully reworked with a twist.”

Beautiful woodland sanctuary bathroom design

About this room design & fixtures
Description: Invite nature into an intimate space of the home by blending natural and recycled materials, while maintaining functionality and style.
Colors in this home design: blue, aqua, green, white, tan, brown, beige
Features & style/feel: tranquil, exotic, nature, natural, plants, bathtub, ceiling, leaves, zen, spiritual, retreat, wood, wooden, unique, peaceful, calming, soothing, luxurious, spa, beautiful, pretty, recycled, recycling, repurposed, bathroom, stylish, serene, creative
Photo credit:  Kohler Co

Dark wenge wood of the Kohler Escale Suite, combined with translucent eco resin wall panels that encapsulate a layer of reeds, inspire the bather to feel truly at peace in total seclusion. The floating ceiling panels above the bath emit a gentle, warm-colored light through the leaf-shaped cutouts, evoking a sense of evening sunlight filtering through a canopy of trees.

The Kohler Escale bath, toilet, lavatories and makeup vanity, combined with Kohler Symbol faucets, offer smooth contours that mimic nature’s rhythms. Textured flooring of pebbles by Ann Sacks in Ocalla tan caress the bather’s feet and Kohler WaterTile bodysprays and showerheads provide a customized hydrotherapy experience in the shower with adjustable sprayfaces that change the direction of water for target areas.

Additionally, the Kohler DTV allows the bather to preset preferences in the shower including temperature, sequence of spray pattern, and pressure—all at the touch of a button. Blustin adds, “WaterTiles really help to harmonize the room. They touch the body at different points, summoning the feeling of a gentle rain or perhaps a waterfall.”

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