Orange, blue and green create a fun environment for a child’s bathroom, like this Hippity-hop decor!

This eye-opening combination is fine as frog’s hair.

Energetic kids bathroom decor with frogs climbing over orange walls and aqua cabinets

About this room
Description: Energetic kids’ bathroom decor with frogs hopping over orange walls and aqua cabinets
Colors in this home design: orange, aqua, blue, green, white
Features & style/feel: cute, child’s bathroom, adorable, Crayola, fun, hand-painted, stamps, dots, polka dots, frogs, animals, stencils, decorative paint, creative, bright, fun, clever, happy
Credit/paint colors:  DutchBoy Paints
How-to: Hippity-hop bathroom paint directions
  1. Paint a basecoat of your wall color and let dry overnight.
  2. To create the back “splash,” find various sizes of circles to trace around. You may want to find objects, such as disposable cups, on which you can paint the edges and use to stamp on the wall. Then, simply paint smaller dots around the circle you’ve created and connect them as if they were arms reaching out. Don’t be afraid to overlap colors.
  3. Make a copy of the frog to a desired size and tape it into position. Use transfer paper to trace onto the wall. Now, it’s just like coloring.
  4. Paint the frogs using medium-round and pointed artist brushes as well as a 1-1/2″ painter’s brush.

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