A kid’s bathroom should be fun, and blue fits the bill perfectly.

And who knows? They might even spend more time in the tub.

Fun and colorful sea-themed bathroom for kids

About this bathroom decor
Description: Fun & colorful sea-themed bathroom for kids
Colors in this home design: white, blue, red, green, yellow, orange
Features & style/feel: fun, lively, clean, fish, ocean, cute, cartoonish, child-like, friendly, happy, primary colors, sea, water, creative, bright, bold, hand-painted, animals
Furnishings in this home decor: bathtub, sink, bathroom cabinet, shower curtain, footstool, bathmat, throw rug, towels, stencils, lighting, creative paintwork, subway tile
Materials in this room decor: tile, paint, metal, brushed nickel, cast iron bathtub, terrycloth, wood
Could work in: bathroom, child’s bathroom
Credit/paint colors:  Dutch Boy Paints
“High Seas” bathroom how-to: Directions
  1. Paint a basecoat of your wall color and let dry overnight.
  2. Make a copy of the fish border to a desired size. With blue painter’s tape, place into position and use transfer paper to trace onto the wall. Fill in with paint.
  3. The school of fish can be hand-drawn, or done just like the border.

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