For a custom design that will perfectly suit a certain room, you can create your own stencil!

Cutting out a stencil

by True Value Hardware/True Value Paint

Here are the basic steps:

1) Find a design you like — online (we have some free downloadable stencil templates here), or from other sources — such as books or wallpaper sample books.

2) Using a copier or scanner/printer, enlarge or reduce the design as needed.

3) Trace the design onto a 7-mil Mylar sheet or a clear plastic file folder with a marking pen. You can also use most copiers or printers to transfer your design onto Clear Acetate Sheets. (Because acetate and Mylar stencils are transparent, you can see the previously-applied colors, making it easier to align the pattern as you move the stencil along the surface.)

4) Make extra copies if you are making a separate stencil for each color. This will also let you bend or cut the stencil as needed at corners.

5) Using a craft knife/Exacto knife or stencil cutter, carefully cut out the “inside” of the design so the paint can be applied through the stencil to the wall. Stack the stencils together and use a hole-punch to create registration marks (see Step 4 here) in each corner of the stencil. These act as a guide to keep your design consistent.

Find out how to use your stencil in this article. 
Video tutorial: How to make stencils

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