This living room showcases purple’s versatility.

The plum-mauve paint anchors the room — and plays nicely with neutrals, bright patterns, and the wide range of colors on the bookshelf.

A plummy purple living room with comfortable, eclectic furnishings

About this room decor
Description: This living room showcases purple’s versatility – anchoring the room and playing nicely with neutrals, bright patterns & a range of colors on the bookshelf.
Colors in this home design: purple, orange, red, green, brown, beige, mauve, plum
Features & style/feel: eclectic, funky, comfortable, patterns, patterned, area rug, soft, throw pillows, velvet, rustic, warm, distressed, archways, bookcases, bookshelves, bright, bold, colorful, cozy, lounge, living room
Credit/paint colors:  DutchBoy Paints

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