Designed by José Solis Betancourt and Paul Morgan Sherrill – both nationally renowned interior designers of Solis Betancourt, Inc., based in Washington, D.C. – Arcadian Chapel seeks to glorify the ritual of cleansing by highlighting the substantial presence of the honed marble of the Vessels Botticelli lavatory.

“Arcadian Chapel accentuates cleansing as one of the last few rituals left, and perhaps almost sacred, in the busy lives of people,” said Paul Sherrill, partner and vice president at Solis Betancourt, Inc. “Although the square footage of the powder room space is small, only 5 by 6 feet, we have sought to create a petite mini chapel that creates an altar-like setting for the Kohler Vessels Botticelli lavatory.”

Arcadian chapel bathroom with honed marble

About this room design & fixtures
Description: Luxurious materials and sculptural drama fill this bathroom located in the cozy environment of a cathedral-inspired alcove.
Colors in this home design: blue, white, aqua, light blue
Features & style/feel: luxurious, unique, cozy, beautiful, charming, soothing, Roman, vintage, antique, pedestal sink, nook, alcove, creative, molding, beautiful, gold, bathroom, powder room, marble
Photo credit:  Kohler Co

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